Zaius Nation and Man-Eating Cheeseburger Present Whack-A-Wingnut. 
The game where you whack a wingnut. 


Dr. Zaius and I have Joined forces against the many faces of evil. Today's evil being, The Right Winged Extremists. Quickly bash there heads for massive damage.


sunshine said...

I didn't do very well. Only 29% accuracy.
Perhaps if there were Canadian a-holes in there I would have done much better! :)
Great game. Very funny!


DerkTheJerk said...

Well 29% is better then what Dr. Zaiuse got on his first try. ;)

Utah Savage said...

I'm not any better than Sunshine. But it's a great game.

Anonymous said...

Could be a Mac issue, but my cursor disappears on the playing field.

Distributorcap said...

i think you have it rigged so you cant whack Coulter

this is brilliant