Say Hello to Parachute Paul

So after two weeks of dedication and super manly hard work I have finished the game. I decided to change the name, which I knew I was going to do since day one, to
Parachute Paul.

Click Here To Play

or if you have problems displaying it correctly above click here to open it up in a new page.



sunshine said...

Fun stuff!
So far I've played up to level 5. I got eaten by the croc though...

I'll play some more later!

Great job! I love it.

DerkTheJerk said...

Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

However, the "croc" is actually an uncontrollable blood thirsty man-eating hippo, second most dangerous creature next to the man-eating cheeseburger.

sunshine said...

LOL... you know how I feel about Hippo's.
I say it's a "Croc". :D


Dr. Zaius said...

Well, clearly there is some debate as to the taxonomy of this digital creature. Perhaps further investigation and classification are in order. Merry Christmas, Derk the Jerk! ;o)