New Game Plan

It's been awhile since I've made any posts, Haven't been very motivated to work with the blog, to many "important" things going on at the moment. So I plan on taking this site in a new direction. Any project that I begin to work on I'll take advise and suggestions from anyone who leaves a comment about said project. I'll also try my best to answer any questions regarding flash programing or how I make my games. I don't know how often I'll make posts, I have been spending a lot of time scheming with Dr. Zaius, over at Zaius Nation. Unfortunately I will not be able to discuss any projects Dr. Zaius and I are working on, in fear of Dr. Zaius scrambling my brains. I hope you understand this inconvenience.

On a side note, the server I was using to host the majority of my files closed there doors. So that explains why the majority of the files on the blog are missing, still trying to find an alternate host. In the meantime feel free to comment on the posts filled with nothingness.


sunshine said...

It's okay. We understand that "real' life sometimes gets in the way of blogging. :)
We'll take you whenever we can have you.
I hear you and your wife are having a baby! Congratulations. :)
Might I suggest the name "Laura" for a girl? :D


Dr. Zaius said...

Speaking as someone who knows you well, I can say in all honesty that your brains are not in danger of being scrambled by me. Your brains were clearly scrambled long before I ever met you! ;o)

As far as baby names, might I suggest "Streaky". (That's the name of Supergirl's cat, you know!) I think that the Legion of Super-Pets has been sorely underrepresented in the realm of baby names.

Dr. Zaius said...
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