New Brand Name?

It hasn't been very long that I have tried to make a name for myself on these series of tubes, I think for the most part I got sucked into this crazy little venture because of Dr. Zaius. I started off with a few expirements and wanted to show them to the world. I jumped in too fast without thinking very clearly of an identity. Now when I look back, I think to myself DerktheJerk and Man-Eating Cheeseburger are not the names I want to be known by. JerktheDerk was the name of a website I made back in high school of some teacher I hated more then prune juice and kinda stuck with me. Man-Eating Cheeseburger was something that came to mind when I was trying to think of something real fast to get a blog up and going. I feel Derkthejerk sends the wrong message and man-eating cheeseburger makes no scenes, so I am going to change the name of both. I have no idea what I'm going to change them to yet, I have only a few thoughts right now, not sure if I even like them really.

Studio Name-----

Professor Derk

Parachute Paul has a Sponser!!!

Two months after the making of Parachute Paul I have made a deal with to sponsor it. It's not on there website yet but it has been added to countless other sites including and

I have been working on learning a new program for flash that will open up a lot more opportunities to develop in different ways and giving me access to new tools.

Regarding I couldn't be more exited. This being my first real game outside of working with Dr. Z and having something good come out of it. I hope I will be able to share more about my new game in the coming weeks.

Hippopotamus Vs Alligator

The victor here is clear.

Say Hello to Parachute Paul

So after two weeks of dedication and super manly hard work I have finished the game. I decided to change the name, which I knew I was going to do since day one, to
Parachute Paul.

Click Here To Play

or if you have problems displaying it correctly above click here to open it up in a new page.


Almost Done

Almost everything is done, I decided to stop at 20 levels. After playing through I am finding that 20 levels might be the sweet spot. I could see how one might begin to get tired and may not finish the game after playing 20 or so levels. 20 is just enough to keep you wanting more, which is a good thing if I decide to make another :)

All that is needed is a mute function and a better name...also a better title page. So another days work and I'll be uploading the beta. Then once its approved by my "community" the non-beta.

This is what the evil spikes look like.

New Demo!!!

Day 12 working on the game and I just finished coding the level menu tonight, and to celebrate here is a new demo with another level. Instructions are not to clear yet, so I'll lay them down below 

Left Arrow Key: moves left
Right Arrow Key: moves right

Up Arrow Key: enters doors
Space: Jumps and Opens Parachute
You need to collect coins in each level to open new levels.

Speaking of updraft

In my last post I talked about adding updrafts, about five minutes later I began to obsessed over the idea. Another five minutes I had the artwork, and in another ten minutes had it in level 17. I really don't know why I didn't think of it before, you almost expect to see something like this in a game based around a parachute.

Very simple, but I think it gets the message through on what it is.