Bad Guys and Coins

Things are still moving in a good direction after taking two days off. I have added coins to the game, a little something extra to do. Some more animal friends and villains. Up to 7 levels now!!! Not to bad since I've only worked on the game for about 5 days, roughly 4 hours a day.

If anyone has any suggestions on bad guys let me know, All I really have right now is a Hippo and a Scorpion.
I tried a snake, but my art skills aren't the best and I couldn't get it to look right.


sunshine said...

Come on! A Hippo as a 'bad guy'? I love Hippo's!!!! ;P

I tried the demo. Love the parachute. Good add. Do you need something 'easy' as a bad guy? How about an evil kitty? Dr. Zed won't like it but ... who care?
Muwhahhahahah! ;p


DerkTheJerk said...

An evil kitty might actually work, vicious but cute, that's exactly the type of angle I am coming from.

And regarding the hippo as the bad guy, I'm actually try to raise hippos are evil awareness. They may look cute but they kill more people then any other animal.

sunshine said...

I'm going to ignore your slam against Hippos. Didn't they have that sweet little commercial running in the U.S. a couple of years ago with those mini Hippos. They were living in a chip bag of all things...AWWWWW! So cute!

Yes. I like the "Evil Kitty".

sunshine said...

I think (hope) this link will take you to the commercial I'm talking about....

Dr. Zaius said...

Now I want a house hippo! ;o)

sunshine said...

Me too Dr.Zed!
I actually think I might BE a house hippo. They've described me perfectly.