Baron Von Blubba

I am very torn on this particular bad guy. He was used in a video game for the NES about 20 years ago. I made this artwork myself, but the design is based on Baron Von Blubba from Bubble Bobble. I have the perfect part for him in the game, but if I add him then the game will not be 100% my creation. I may modify it to make it look a bit different, maybe just a ghost type thing.

On another note, I am now up to 11 stages...I wrecked my car the other day and had to take a day off. Damn snow and it's Rock n' Roll music. I'm fine, had my safety restraint on, but the car has had better days.

Here is a math equation that you might find interesting though:
(Ice + Slush) * Hill = Brakes Stop Working or (BSW)
 (BSW) * Moving Car = Out Of Control Car or (OOCC)
(OOCC) + Non-Moving Car = Crash


sunshine said...

Sorry to hear that you were in an accident! That's awful.
We've had bad weather here as well. The other day I though that I had better change my cd from Lady Gaga to something a little cooler...just in case I was in a crash. We wouldn't want anyone that saved me finding out I listen to Lady Gaga!!!

Just put a flower on Von Blubba's head and make him a her. :)
Sounds like the game is coming along great!


DerkTheJerk said...

I tried adding a flower, couldn't get it to look right. :(

Oh well, I might just change the eye a bit.

Yes, I think the game is coming around great. I really want to upload another demo, but I only need about 11 more levels. I think 30 is a pretty good number to stop at, not to short and not to long.